Cancer Life Insurance Policies

Cancer can be a crippling disease and the toll can be financial as well as physical. For individuals with a family history or a previous diagnosis of cancer, one available lifeline is cancer life insurance.

After you are diagnosed with cancer, finding a decent life insurance may be extremely difficult for you. However, it is not an impossible feat. Cancer life insurance specialists are available to help you in finding the right insurance policy for you.

Your chance of getting an affordable cancer life policy greatly depends on the stage and type of cancer that you have already developed, as well as the plan of treatment that you have. This means that you would still be evaluated based on your history.

Many insurance companies use the guidelines found in the National Cancer Institute database named Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER). This report provides research details on almost three million cancer patients. The database compiles information submitted by researchers, doctors, and oncologists. This report is accessible to insurance companies so that they can get the average demographics, diagnostic stages, morphology, tumor locations, first-course treatments, and follow-up procedures.

Moreover, insurance companies would also look at reports from physicians regarding survivors of breast cancer and their physical condition after years of being treated.

If you have cancer which has already metastasized, you would not be able to obtain a policy anymore. You’ll need guaranteed issue but it won’t cover you for conditions you have now—there is usually a twelve-month exclusionary period.

Naturally, insurance policies do not give coverage to patients who are currently undergoing treatment. You may be asked to pay a certain type of surcharge which would be dependent upon the type of cancer that you develop.

You should also look at your different options in getting your life insurance. A knowledgeable insurance agent specializing in cancer life insurance plans can help you identify your options and choose the best programs. Either way, get cancer insurance coverage, as there is a plan available to almost everyone in virtually every state.  Whether cancer insurance or critical illness insurance suits your needs, speak to a knowledgeable agent at the Cancer Insurance Resource Center to assist you free of charge and without added agency fees. Fill out the short form or contact the eCancerinsurance Resource Department.

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